Wastewater treatment system, septic tank and reainwater tank FAQ

How do I locate our septic tank and system?

Your local health department will have record drawings (known as an “as-built”) of your septic tank system.

What are the benefits of installing our own aerated wastewater treatment system?

Where you have your own aerated wastewater treatment system professionally installed, you are not required to pay sewage charges as a portion of your local council rates. You might also be utilising a more sustainable solution to the management of water and wastewater on your property with the installation of a wastewater treatment system.

What is the difference between a septic tank and an aerated wastewater treatment system?

In all areas of Australia including Victoria, septic tank systems work by taking the wastewater from a household and discharging the effluent on to an absorption field where it is treated by the natural bacteria in the soil. In comparison, an aerated wastewater treatment system discharges clean, non-polluting effluent which can go directly into the water system or soil.