Septic Tanks Victoria-wide

A septic tank is typically installed underground to collect and allow sewage to decompose, treating your domestic household wastewater independently. You will need to consider a wastewater treatment system if you are building in an area or development not serviced by municipal sewers.

At R & F Building Industries, we supply and install septic tanks supplied from Taylex Tanks, the largest manufacturer of domestic wastewater treatment systems in Australia. Our trained and professional Victorian based team will also carry out all necessary septic tank repairs and maintenance.

R & F Building Industries also supply, install, repair and maintain other wastewater treatment systems such as the aerated wastewater treatment system for domestic and residential customers. Why not contact our friendly team who can answer any questions you may have about wastewater?

Septic Tank Installation

R & F Building Industries are certified to carry out septic tank installation in Victoria, with our team of professionals ensuring your septic tank is correctly installed and ready to work. Septic tanks have long been used in unsewered rural and residential areas where there...
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Septic Tank Repairs & Maintenance

Just like a car, adherence to a regular maintenance and repair schedule will ensure the optimal performance of your septic tank for many years. As with any wastewater treatment system, the importance of good septic tank maintenance cannot be underestimated. The prevention of groundwater pollution...
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