Septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems in Mitchell Shire

Mitchell Shire and its regional centres are booming, with forecasters speculating the municipality’s population will soar to more than 200,000 people in the next few decades. With that growth will come increasing demands on the region’s infrastructure, and our team at R & F Building Industries is already fielding inquiries from home builders seeking septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems in Mitchell Shire centres Kilmore, Seymour, Wallan and Broadford, as well as other towns in the region.

R & F Building Industries are specialists in wastewater treatment system and septic tank installations and have years of experience installing systems in Victoria’s developing regional areas. Wastewater treatment is an important and serious process, and not something for the inexperienced or untrained to tackle. Most septic system failure is brought about because of bad design, improper installation or inadequate maintenance and, although we provide premium service at affordable prices, we can vouch that resurrecting a poorly installed or maintained and failing wastewater treatment system isn’t cheap.

It’s understandable that Mitchell Shire is going to grow. It’s a beautiful part of Victoria and within easy reach of the state’s capital and other regional centres. If you’re planning to build a new home or business premises in the shire and your property isn’t part of the municipality’s sewerage system, then it’s crucial you install a wastewater treatment system that is not only affordable and reliable but will stand the test of time and perform for years to come. Make sure you contact R & F Building Installation for wastewater treatment systems in Mitchell Shire and its various centres.

Septic tanks in Mitchell Shire

Wastewater treatment systems are only as good as their septic tanks and the R & F Building Industries team recommends and installs high-quality Taylex septic tanks in Mitchell Shire¬†centres such as Seymour, Kilmore, Broadford and Wallan, and all other regions for that matter. Septic tank failure can be disastrous, and we choose Taylex tanks because of their strength, reliability and longevity. They’re build to keep working. As well as installing septic tanks, we also carry out service and repair work. If you have problems with your existing septic tank, our professional team can resolve your issues quickly and efficiently and get your wastewater system working at peak performance again.

If you’d like to know more about R & R Building Industries’ wastewater treatment systems for Mitchell Shire, or want information about Taylex septic tanks, please contact us online or call¬†(03) 9336 4832.