Domestic wastewater treatment system repairs & maintenance

R & F Building Industries offer a full range of replacement and spare parts for domestic wastewater treatment systems for the repair and maintenance of your wastewater treatment system, whether a septic tank system or other wastewater treatment system.

Under State legislation anywhere in Australia, all septic tank system maintenance and wastewater treatment system maintenance can only be carried out by qualified wastewater providers.

Our experienced and qualified service team will monitor your Taylex wastewater treatment system on a regular basis to ensure it is always working at optimal level.

The proper maintenance of a wastewater treatment system is crucial to prevent groundwater pollution from a failing system. Such pollution can lead to the soiling and pollution of other water sources such as local lakes, ponds, streams and wells.

If our team has carried out your wastewater treatment system installation, you should already have a repair and maintenance schedule in place. To comply with local laws, you will need to ensure that the schedule is adhered to. If you have had your system installed by another tradesperson and now need repairs and/or maintenance, please contact our team. We are more than happy to check your existing system and put in place a new maintenance and repair schedule.