Selecting a water tank in Victoria

February 26, 2016

The trusty tank is a common sight on rural and urban properties today. But how do you select the right water tank in Victoria and what factors should you consider before handing over your hard-earned cash?

The selection process is not a straightforward activity. It requires thought and quality advice to make the right decision. And that’s because there are so many variables to consider including tank size, the material it’s constructed from and the purpose it needs to fill.

At R&F Building Industries we’ve been selling and installing tanks across Victoria for years. We’re often asked for advice about `the perfect tank’ and offer these tips to make the tank-buying task a bit easer:

  • Talk to the experts. Yes, that’s people like us who have deep experience in the field. Most people can’t be expected to know everything about a water tank so call on those who do. Selecting a tank is not as simple as flicking through a catalogue until you find a colour you like – there’s so much more to it than that. So let us help guide you to a quality choice.
  • Check the local regulations for permits. This is important. Depending on the installation you decide on, there may be a requirement to get a permit from authorities. We can provide clients with installation advice, so talk to us about the best way to install your rainwater tank to ensure it complies with all regulations.
  • Determine the purpose for your water tank in Victoria. What do you actually want the tank for? Will it be the sole water supply for your home? Is it a secondary source, to be used for the garden? Will you rely on it for watering crops? Is it central to your business or industry needs? This will be crucial in working out the size of your tank and where it can be located, such as above ground, in-ground or below ground.

As suppliers and installers of Taylex-made concrete tanks, Aquaplate corrugated steel tanks and poly tanks, we’re well versed in the diverse range of sizes and shapes these products come in and can help you make the right selection to meet your needs.

We’ve placed tanks on many farms and urban residential properties and understand the importance of factors including the size of your rainwater collection area, the space needed to site a tank, water use and budget.

So draw on our knowledge. Ask us questions and let us help. Please contact us at R&F Building Industries for more information about selecting the right water tank in Victoria for your property.