Call our team for quality septic tank maintenance across greater Melbourne

July 29, 2017

Have you been to the doctor for a regular health check lately, just to make sure everything’s fine?

Or had a dentist inspect your pearly whites for holes?

What about your car? Have you taken it to the mechanic for a tune-up in the past six months? After all, you want to know the brakes won’t fail ,the tyres are in good condition and all those other important mechanical parts are working well.

Then what about your septic tank? When’s the last time you called in an expert to carry out septic tank maintenance on your home’s wastewater treatment system in greater Melbourne?

Just like a visit to the mechanic or doctor can have a major impact on your wellbeing, scheduling a health-check for your septic tank system allows you to catch any problems before they start seriously impacting on your health and the environment.

At R & F Building Industries, our experienced team carries out quality septic tank maintenance in Melbourne surrounds and rural and regional Victoria.

Without expert maintenance you run the risk of inadequately-treated domestic waste, which can carry bacteria and viruses, reaching nearby groundwater sources if your septic system fails. And that means you’re putting your family and your community at risk of serious waterborne diseases including typhoid fever and hepatitis.

The environment could suffer too, with excessive phosphorus and nitrate from the wastewater capable of triggering algal blooms in waterways and lakes.

While the health risks are frightening, an inefficient septic tank system can also cause horrible odours that are hard to live with.

And then comes the financial cost of failing to maintain your system. Regular maintenance not only helps your home’s wastewater treatment system run efficiently, it prolongs its life too. After all, no-one wants to outlay thousands of dollars on a new system simply because their old one has failed due to inadequate maintenance.

At R & F Building Industries, our professional team can swiftly visit you onsite, inspect your septic tank system and carry out any maintenance needed to ensure it is working at optimum level and meets strict standards set by government authorities. We can attend to any repairs and provide new parts too.

Homeowners should also remember to get the sludge and solids pumped from their septic tank every few years. It’s an important part of keeping your wastewater system working well.

For septic tank maintenance Melbourne region clients and those right across Victoria can count on R & F Building Industries for quality service. Please contact us if you want to schedule a maintenance visit by our team.