Professional septic tank maintenance across Victoria

April 29, 2018

Has your septic tank had a health check-up recently?

While it might sound a tad weird to book your domestic wastewater treatment system in for a professional health examination, it’s a necessary part of keeping it in good working order.

You keep your car in top shape with the help of a mechanic, you have annual health checks with your doctor to make sure everything is fine and you call R & F Building Industries when you want quality septic tank maintenance in Victoria.

Our experienced crew are experts when it comes to septic tank inspections, servicing and repairs. We know that the consequences of system failure can be devastating to the environment and people’s health if inadequately treated domestic water contaminates groundwater with bacteria and viruses.

Septic tanks are a necessity for many people across Victoria. Being a responsible owner of one is a necessity too. And that means scheduling regular maintenance inspections, which alert you to any potential problems and make sure you are meeting the standards set by authorities including local councils.

When you put in a domestic wastewater treatment system it costs money. Money for the tank and the installation. So it pays to protect your investment by getting professionals in to inspect it regularly. This not only keeps it working at its optimum efficiency, it can also extend the system’s lifespan too.

Because R & F Building Industries has years of experience in providing septic tank maintenance in Victoria, we are quick to pick up any issues while they are small. Delay your septic tank’s health check-up too long, and those little problems can turn into major ones with costly outcomes.

So don’t ignore the health of your septic tank. Get it inspected by a professional outfit with a trusted name in the industry. And that’s us – R & F Building Industries.

For septic tank maintenance Victoria-wide, you can rely on our crew for a quality result. Please contact us today to book in a maintenance visit.