Experts in septic tank repairs across Victoria

January 31, 2017

If you want your equipment to work well, you must maintain it well.

And that’s why people turn to R & F Building Industries’ septic tank repairs team in Victoria to ensure their wastewater treatment systems continue to operate at optimum level.

Our professional and experienced team visits houses across the state, carrying out quality repairs and maintenance and giving clients peace of mind in the knowledge that their tanks fully comply with strict standards from local and state governments.

We’re specialists in the industry and that’s why we’re in demand. Let’s face it, if your car doesn’t work you call in a mechanic. If you’re feeling ill, you visit a doctor. And it’s a similar situation when it comes to septic tank repairs in Victoria – you get in touch with people who know what they’re doing. You get in touch with R & F Building Industries.

So why do you need to carry out a regular health check on your septic tank system anyway? One of the most important reasons for scheduled maintenance is to ensure there’s no groundwater pollution happening through problems such as leaks. Contaminating soil and nearby water sources with unwanted substances including harmful bacteria is a recipe for disaster and a serious health risk.

Regular inspections by our team can prevent this from happening. And if any problems are uncovered, they’ll carry out septic tank repairs in Victoria to get everything running safely and smoothly for clients in no time. It’s also worth checking when you last had solids and sludge pumped from your septic tank. It’s a task that needs to be done every few years to keep it working efficiently.

From problems with outlet pipes to leaking tanks, turn to our team for reliable and trusted septic tank repairs in Victoria. Please contact us at R & F Building Industries if you need our help.