Specialists in septic tank maintenance across Victoria

February 28, 2017

If you live in an area of Victoria that doesn’t have municipal sewer systems, then septic tanks are part of life.

And that means organising regular septic tank maintenance should be part of your life too.

Households and businesses with septic tanks can’t afford for them to fail. Apart from the complete inconvenience, there are potentially serious consequences for the environment and people’s health if problems occur such as inadequately treated wastewater contaminating groundwater supplies, creeks and wetlands.

R & F Building Industries is a great line of defence in keeping people and the environment protected and septic tanks working efficiently. We’ve been carrying out quality septic tank maintenance Victoria-wide for years and know that regular maintenance is vital to ensuring wastewater treatment systems continue performing safely at optimum level over many years.

Any work done on septic tanks is best left to professionals who understand exactly how tanks and drainfield areas work. Our staff, highly experienced when it comes to tank maintenance, can carry out a health check on your septic system and troubleshoot to overcome any existing problems.

If you own a septic system, it’s important to ensure solids and sludge are pumped away every few years. If it builds up, the tank’s capacity diminishes and it becomes inefficient. It’s also important the sludge material remains clear of the outlet pipe.

With R & F Building Industries handling septic tank maintenance, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property’s wastewater treatment system will meet the strict, and important, standards set by government departments and local council.

Perhaps tree roots are causing havoc with the septic system, cracks are opening up, there’s a problem with the outlet pipe, the drainfield is clogged or the whole system is starting to smell really, really horrid. Call our maintenance crew and let us find a solution for you.

While quality maintenance is a core part of our business, we can also install new septic tanks on your property. Whether your current one is outdated, beyond repair or simply an inadequate size, we can supply you with a new system, put it in for you and return to give it regular health checks when required.

For trusted septic tank maintenance in Victoria, turn to the experts at R & F Building Industries for help. Please contact us for more information.