Wastewater aerators helping Victoria’s hard-working bacteria to do their job

March 30, 2017

For domestic wastewater treatment systems to run effectively, you have to keep trillions of bacteria happy, healthy and hard at work.

And wastewater aerators are a key part to achieving a successful result for many households in Victoria by helping bacteria to flourish and do their job.

So what does an aerator actually do? Well, it introduces oxygen into the system’s aeration chamber during the second stage of treatment, sending fine air bubbles up from its location on the chamber’s floor.

This is the source of dissolved oxygen, which the bacteria need to increase their numbers and do their essential job of cleaning pollutants from the water before the process moves on to the settling stage and beyond.

For domestic systems that include primary and secondary treatment of household wastewater, aerators are a vital cog in the process. They need to be robust, durable and effective to keep the chamber continually aerated and they also need to be placed correctly and carefully maintained.

At R & F Building Industries we supply a range of wastewater aerators in Victoria for clients wanting quality equipment such as CMG aerators.

Supplying, installing and maintaining domestic aerated water treatment systems is a core part of our business and we have years of experience in handling their many components including aerators.

As a distributor of Taylex systems – Taylex is Australia’s leading aerated water treatment system manufacturer for the domestic market – we are strong believers in getting it right from the very start. We provide clients with quality advice, superior wastewater treatment systems and products and excellence repair and maintenance services.

For wastewater aerators Victoria clients, no matter where they are in this great state, can turn to R & F Building Industries for help. Please contact us for more information.