Quality accessories for Bendigo wastewater treatment systems

December 24, 2018

If something goes wrong with your wastewater treatment system, then there’s always the chance that your Bendigo home or business could be completely uninhabitable.

A faulty septic system is a potential disaster waiting to happen. It can deliver serious health risks to people and contaminate ground water and nearby water bodies.

So the most effective ways to ensure these scenarios don’t happen is through quality maintenance and accessories that can increase your control and awareness of what is happening with your Bendigo wastewater treatment systems.

From a simple warning sign for your unit to a compact control panel with a circuit breaker, our experienced crew at R & F Building Industries has all the quality accessories you need to keep your unit in top working order. And because we know this industry like the back of our hands, we’re happy to provide knowledgeable advice when it comes selecting the parts you need.

Many homes and businesses across the nation aren’t connected to a sewer network. They rely on septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems. And that means owners have a responsibility to ensure their systems comply with local laws.

At R & F Building Industries, we know the best way to keep your wastewater treatment systems from experiencing faults is to look after them. We offer quality maintenance and repair services to clients across the state. Our scheduled inspections mean we’re able to pick up any small issues before they become problems that spark unwelcome interest from authorities.

We’re also authorised installers of industry leader Taylex’s wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks and stock a wide selection of accessories for their quality products.

If you want to avoid a Bendigo wastewater treatment systems disaster, it’s time to ask us about our great range of accessories. Please contact our friendly team at R & F Building Industries today.