Urgent septic tank repairs vital for Hume City Council home owners

February 28, 2019

Septic tanks are workhorses and the households they support across Hume City Council couldn’t do without them.

But things can go wrong if they’re not well maintained, with dangerous consequences for people’s health and the environment.

So if you have a problem with your wastewater treatment system, spring into action without delay by contacting R & F Building Industries’ experienced team. Our crew professionally carries out Hume City Council septic tank repairs and maintenance for homes not connected to the sewer mains across the municipality, helping to get septic tanks running efficiently again.

If you invest decent money in a quality septic tank, it makes good sense to look after that asset. Regular maintenance helps to extend its lifespan, reduces potential repair costs and gives you peace of mind the system’s not going to fail. It also saves you from unnecessary unpleasant odours and inefficient performance.

For homeowners in Hume City Council, septic tank repairs can also be necessary to ensure your tank meets standards set by government departments and your local council.

These standards are in place to keep people and the environment safe from the threat of inadequately treated domestic waste contaminating nearby groundwater sources. The result of tank failure can lead to the spread of harmful diseases, and no-one wants that situation on their hands.

Our team can play a major role in ensuring such a situation does not happen on your property. We are happy to visit your home in the Hume City Council area on Melbourne’s north-western fringe to inspect your domestic septic system. Once that’s done, we can carry out comprehensive maintenance and any repairs necessary to have it working at optimum efficiency and cost effectively.

Don’t risk illness or polluting nearby water by having a sub-standard septic tank. Instead, contact our team for quality Hume City Council septic tank repairs and let us help you out.